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Lets rewind 4-5 years, when the site was just starting. The Best Cp Secrets (BCPS) was started by me, (KoolAidCp) and Cool G. I got into Club Penguin when I went over to Cool G’s house and he was playing it in his room. We both loves EunesCp blog about Club Penguin, and that’s where we both got into blogging. We both started out with different websites, Cool G deleted his old one, and mine is still somewhere out there, I just can’t remember the name. We blogged on our websites for a good month then Cool G switched over to mine. We tried to make it the coolest website out their, with music playing in the background to a moving background (we thought it was cool, but it really just gave us headaches). We even tried making web cam videos, but we could never get them to upload to the site. Once we got a good 10 months into the site, we started to realize it wasn’t much. We didn’t like it because, well it looked terrible! I used hypercam2 to take snapshots on my computer, I didn’t know of the snipping tool. Cool G came over to my house and that’s where we built all of this. We wanted to make the new site have a name that would attract people. That’s why we chose The Best Cp Secrets. Once we got the name done, we worked on the site. We have made many theme changes, and header changes from the beginning to now. As the site went along we got bigger and bigger. However, I quit the site for a long time and let Cool G just run the entire thing. As I neared my return I came back and saw many fascinating things that Cool G did, like hire authors, and update the site, and it just looked amazing! Now though, me and Cool G aren’t interested in Club Penguin anymore, we are now both 14 and grew out of it as well. The site will not be opened again, but it will always bring back some amazing memories. As I’m writing this, I’m already looking back at some of the greatest times, throwing our 1k party, 2k party, 10k party, 50k party, and so on. Now we never did reach our goal of 100k but, if I say so myself 80k is enough.

Thanks for the memories,

KoolAidCp & Cool G.

Club Penguin App 1.4 New Rooms And Puffles

Hey penguins it seems that club penguin is bringing a fantastic new update. This update brings the plaza and all its rooms ( pizza parlor,pet shop,the stage and the puffle hotel ) and it looks like club penguin is bringing 2 new exclusive puffles Like a dog puffle and cat puffle. The information club penguin told us is

The cat puffle ( orange tabby )

  • Emotion: Curious, demanding
  • Snack of choice: Socks
  • Details: Loves to hide in tiny places

The dog puffle ( blue border collie )

  • Emotion: Loyal, mischievous
  • Snack of choice: Pretzels
  • Details: Loves chasing Cat Puffles

Cant wait for this update.Are the puffles going to come to the PC version or will it be ipad exclusive? Leave what you think in the comments below!

Waddle On~Kooldude233

Club Penguin Update from Cool G: Goodbye BCPS!

Hey guys. If you were able to read the post where I said the site would be put to rest, I changed my mind. I’ve decided to leave the blog with a few bloggers from the community that I know will do awesome. As for me? I’m moving to another blog. My buddy Waddle80457 has invited me to become an editor of his blog, TBCPN. This is an opportunity I can’t turn down. I feel much more safe with working with another successful blogger, than running one all by myself. TBCPN has been under construction for over a year, but Waddle plans on opening the site for soon.

Old Cool G Custom


Thank you for all the amazing memories on BCPS, as they will be forever remembered. This could possibly be the last post I publish on this blog. Make sure to check out the 10th episode of Island News for some more news that I have not yet released. Check out my posts on thebestcpnews.com, and follow @CoolG_ or @TheBestCPNews for updates on me and my new home. Once again, thank you.

– Cool G :)


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